Site #006 - Vacant Year Round Site

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Location: WoodHaven

Price: $500.00

To assist you with some questions you might have, here are some key points you will need to know:
  • Each prospective Resident must complete a Land Lease Application and submit this form to the office, along with a copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement in order to be considered for residency in WoodHaven.   
  • If you are approved as a Resident, and the sale goes through, you will be required to pay Killam Apartment REIT a one-time $300 site fee.
  • Hydro One is the hydro provider in this area.  You will be required to set up an account with them
  • Each Resident deals directly with their own propane provider (Dudman Fuel in Forest or Dowlar Karn from Sarnia are the two main suppliers of propane in WoodHaven.   There is a strong possibility that Natural Gas will be available in the next year.).   Your propane provider must provide the office with a copy of the propane inspection once the propane is connected.
  • Phone, Internet & Cable provider is Execulink
  • Your monthly fees include:
  • Lot Rent
  • Estimated Property Taxes (difference captured or refunded at year end; monthly cost adjusted at the beginning of each year)
  • Estimated Water (difference captured or refunded at year end; monthly cost adjusted at the beginning of each year)
  • The rent for lot #006p is $500 per month.  Yearly increases are determined by the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.  Your water & property taxes are payable to WoodHaven and are over and above the monthly rent.
  • Monthly payments are to be made by Pre-Authorized Payment direct from your bank.
  • Maximum two pets per site (i.e. 2 dogs, or 2 cats, or 1 dog 1 cat, etc.) and ALL pets (including cats) must always be on a leash when outside the home or deck area.  No Pit Bulls, Bull Dogs or Rottweilers permitted.  Proof of Rabies vaccination for all pets is required yearly.
  • Maximum two vehicles per site. Any additional vehicles may be parked at the back of the property on a first come first served basis.  There is an additional cost for this extra parking.
  • A 14’ x 50’ gravel pad will be set up by WoodHaven.   If a larger gravel pad is required, there is an additional charge.
  • If the Resident prefers to have a cement pad under their unit, they are responsible for all costs, including excavation and removal of the soil.  The contractor must provide WSIB and Liability Insurance prior to starting any work.
  • You will need to purchase a permit from the Municipality of Lambton Shores.  We suggest you check with their office in Northville or Forest for pricing of the permit and any other requirements/costs for bringing a permanent home into Lambton Shores.
  • We are only accepting brand new year round Northlander units for this site (Z240 rating)
  • Please contact Herb Cowan at Pike Lake Resort (519.323.6497) or Derek Jefferson at West Coast Leisure (519.525.8301) for pricing which should include delivery, blocking, leveling and skirting. 
  • You are responsible for hiring licensed electricians, plumbers and gas fitters to hook up the unit
  • You will need to provide the WoodHaven office with a lot plan and the specs and details of the unit you wish to purchase.  This has to be approved by Killam and the Municipality before we may proceed with the Land Lease Agreement.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about taking up residency in WoodHaven Seasonal & Year Round Resort.