Seasonal Site

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Location: WoodHaven

PLEASE NOTE:  We are no longer able to accept cash for payments of Seasonal fees and other charges.   Payment to be by cheque, bank draft, or money order and payable to Killam Properties.  

Site fee $2340.00 + hstWinter Storage if leaving trailer on site (2017/2018 Winter) = $150.00 + hst

Hydro & Water are both metered

Hydro & Water are invoiced twice a year.  $15 + hst read fee each invoice.

$200 Hydro deposit required - this remains at Head Office until you permanently leave the park.

Other charges may apply, such as Boat or Utility Storage charges, if you have a 3rd Vehicle, Etc.

No Day Fee for visitors, but overnight guests pay $11.50 + hst per night per person over 12 years of age.

Season Visitor Passes are available at $200 plus hst.

$300 deposit required to hold any site for 2018

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Seasonal Sites

Seasonal Sites

#049 - 2003 Manhattan 36'

Price: $14,900.00

B136 - 25' 2005 Weekender

Price: $15,000.00

B-010 2007 29' Nomad

Price: $21,900.00

B09 - 2010 Citation

Price: $26,900.00

B-134 2010 Salem 34

Price: $29,500.00