Resort Rules



Our objective is for everyone to enjoy the pleasures of Holiday Park in harmony with our neighbours and our environment. Our mutual understanding and acceptance of these rules and regulations will help greatly in creating a pleasant and trouble-free recreational experience.

REGULAR SEASON: Is traditionally from the first full weekend in May to mid to late October with specific dates listed on the Licence to Occupy during which full services are available, weather and conditions permitting. Holiday Park undertakes to maintain services at all times during this period but is not responsible for any damages resulting from interruption of services.

OFF SEASON USE: You are permitted to visit your site for purposes of inspection or retrieval of items, but vehicles (of any kind) are not permitted beyond specific access points as determined by management. Recreational use may be permitted during specific shoulder periods with management approval.  A daily charge may apply. 

LICENSE TO OCCUPY: Must be signed at time of reservation. Sites may not be used unless a license to occupy has been signed and payment received. Signing of said License to Occupy signifies agreement by the Occupant to pay all fees as indicated in the License to Occupy. 

PAYMENT:A deposit is due by October 1st to reserve a site for the following season, with the balance due by May 1. To receive the offered discount, the discounted site fee and all other outstanding charges (including but not limited to, previous hydro bill, tax assessments, service invoices, etc.) must be paid in full by March 1st by cash, cheque or debit.   Any cheques should be made payable to Killam Properties.  A signed License of Occupation and Appendix A must be received with deposit, no later than October 1st.

Deposit Policy

·               If paid a winter storage fee only – trailer, shed, deck and debrismust be removed by April 1st – we will actively be trying to sell your site for the next season and will offer you one opportunity to lock the site for yourself if we have an interested party.

·               If paid storage and deposit for next season and for some reason you are unable to or decide not to use the site during the next season, you must notify us prior to March 15th of this intent and remove your trailer, shed, deck and debrisby April 1st – you will receive full refund of your depositless a $25.00 Administration Fee.

·               If you notify us March15th or later(but before April 15th) and/or remove trailer, shed, deck & debrisbetween April 1 and 15th – you will only get 50% of deposit back (of the normal deposit plus any additional monies you may have paid toward the next season)

·               Notification or removal of trailer,April 15th or later will result in no refund of your deposit (if you have prepaid more, you will receive that back)and trailer, shed, deck & debris must be removed.

·               There is no additional penalty for a delay in removal at the park’s request due to conditions.


REFUND OF SITE FEES:Any Refunds prior to May 1st will be at the sole discretion of Holiday Park.  There will be no refunds given after May 1st, 2017. This includes seasonal fees when a trailer sells or the occupant decides to remove the trailer later in the season.

WINTER STORAGE:Without reservation of a site for the following year, or purchase of Winter Storage the Occupant will be required to move everything from their site (trailer, shed, deck & debris) by the end of the last full weekend in October. Management has the right to remove anything from the site after that date and charge the Occupant for the moving and storage expense.

SITES: Are designed for recreational use of one trailer and one “family unit” (“family unit” for these purposes includes: occupant(s), children & spouses, parents, grandchildren and grandparents). Supplementary accommodations, such as tents, are not allowed, unless approved by Holiday Park. If a supplementary accommodation is approved, it must be removed and or taken down when not occupied.  Your vehicle must be on your lot not parked on the side of the roadway.  Any off-site parking of your vehicle must have prior approval from Management.  Positioning of these items as well as the trailer and/or shed, decks and other accessories must have Holiday Park’s approval and be located at least 2 feet away from the lot line, roadways and infrastructure. Boats, boat trailers and/or utility trailers are not allowed to be stored on-site, unless approved by Management.  Sub-Letting of trailers is not permitted unless prior approval has been received from Management and an overnight camping fee has been collected from the campers using your trailer in your absence. (Please refer to “Visitors”)  

SHEDS & DECKS:Must be genuine accessories and/or comply with park standards and be approved by Holiday Park. Sheds must conform to specific size specifications of no larger than 8’x 10’ to a maximum of 8’ high from the floor and only one shed per site.  An authorized “Alteration Request” form is required for any additions or changes to your site.

OUTSIDE REFRIGERATOR:Allowed only if in good condition and kept locked and grounded in a well-ventilated, locked shed.

ADD-ON ROOMS & HARD AWNINGS:Must be manufactured structures with design & installation approved by Holiday Park.  An authorized “Alteration Request” form is required for any additions.

HOLDING TANKS & TOILETS:The correct use of these items is mandatory for all units (travel trailers & park models) to facilitate proper sewage disposal and toilet must be marine/low flush type. If bringing a new unit into the Resort proof of marine type toilet must be provided. A septic gasket must also be used in sewage hook-up.

ELECTRICAL:The cord from the trailer to the power source must be in good condition and of sufficient capacity and rating to carry the current in the conditions at hand. Extension cords are not permitted. A fee may be charged for the continual resetting of breakers due to over draw on the breaker.

Just as Hydro One has advised us, we would like to advise you, our camper:

“Power Interruptions and Surges

From time to time, events beyond our control can cause power interruptions or voltage irregularities. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a continuous or constant supply of power and will not be liable for any damages caused by a lack of power, or a power outage or surge.  Also, planned interruptions to your electricity service do occur. While we try to provide you with advance notice of such interruptions, we may be unable to do so; and in such situations, the interruptions will proceed as planned. We aren't liable for any damages caused by such planned outages.”

CAMPSITE CARE:(grass cutting & orderliness) is the responsibility of the Occupant unless otherwise arranged through Holiday Park.  If not kept up to Holiday Park standards and the occupant is informed of necessary corrections and fails to comply, Holiday Park will complete all work necessary and bill accordingly for said work. The Occupant must first receive a Construction and Alteration request form prior to making any changes to your campsite.  i.e.: tree planting or cutting, decks, sheds, fencing or any other alterations to the Lot.

WASHING:We appreciate and encourage clean sparkling units in our park but you must obtain approval from management for time to wash your unit. Thank you for joining our efforts in being environmentally conscious. 

TRAILERS & PARK MODELS:ALL units must be approved by Holiday Park prior to entering the park or being moved to a different site.  Age & condition of unit comes into consideration – any unit over 15 years of age will be at the managers’ discretion for park entry as a seasonal.  A fee of $150.00 plus HST will be charged if a Seasonal wishes to change sites after the season has commenced.  Trailer tongues must be removed or covered (cover may be removable) within 90 days of bringing the trailer into the park. All units must have appropriate skirting installed, material and design used to cover the trailer tongues and/or skirt the trailer, is to be approved by Holiday Park before work commences. 

SALE OF TRAILERS & RELATED EQUIPMENT:Must be approved by management and coordinated by Holiday Park, where a commission will be collected.  No fees are payable to Holiday Park if its consent to same is refused or if the unit is sold off site.  Eligibility for trailers and Park Models to remain on site at the time of a sale will be based on the following but not limited to:  the Age of the Unit; and the overall condition of the Unit Eligibility for trailers and Park Models to remain on site at the time of a sale will be based on the following but not limited to:  the Age of the Unit; and the overall condition of the Unit).  Proof of ownership in the present owners name must be provided, prior to the sale being approved.  A valid ownership is required for travel trailers and a bill of sale is required for Park Model trailers. 

INSURANCE:Must be carried by each Occupant for family, trailer and possessions as well as $1,000,000 liability. The use of campground facilities for occupants, their families and guests is at their own risk. An up-to-date copy or proof of insurance is required to be on file at all times.

GARBAGE & RECYCLE: Only household waste generated at the campground is acceptable for waste disposal; we ask that these items be properly bagged. B.B.Q.'s, batteries, tires, furniture and other large articles are not accepted. The disposal of these items off the campground is your responsibility; failure to comply will result in additional charges.

SPEED LIMIT: (Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) The speed limited is 10 km/hr and shall be obeyed for everyone’s safety.  Any loud vehicle cannot be operated during quiet hours. (Zero Tolerance - Driving privileges can and will be suspended for noncompliance, leading to possible eviction)

MOTORCYCLES: Motorcycles if owned by the site resident are allowed for the purpose of reaching your site by the most direct route, but you are not allowed to cruise through the park with them.  Visitors with motorcycles must check in at the office and their motorcycles must remain in the visitor parking area. 

GOLF CARTS: The only golf carts will be those owned and operated by management. .  If a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) is required, documentation may be requested from your Doctor to support the use of this device in the park.  This device may only accommodate one person. Proof of insurance is required for a PMD.

CAMPFIRES: Shall be burned in a fire ring only.  Fires shall not be of a size greater than the fire ring so as to pose any risk, and must not be left unattended while burning at any time. Failure to comply with this regulation will mean the loss of the privilege to have a fire on your site. Firewood should be neatly stored. Cutting down of trees is not allowed. Management may curtail fires during dry or windy periods for safety reasons. Firewood that comes from an area that is infected with any type of disease which is harmful to trees is not allowed in the park. Please ensure you are aware of where your firewood has been purchased from, as the law prohibits transporting infected wood.  Only proper campfire wood should be burned in fire pits; burning of garbage, construction materials, plastics, etc. is not permitted

PETS: All pets must be on a leash or in your unit, quiet, and cleaned up after at all times in accordance with the Dog Owners Liability Act DOLA. There is a two (2) pet limit per site in our Parks for all campers.  (Some sites are grandfathered until attrition brings situation into conformity).  Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and any other aggressive breeds or dogs of any kind are not allowed in the park - even a Chihuahua could be deemed aggressive. Failure to comply could result in termination of occupancy license. Pets are not allowed on or around the playgrounds or in the pool or jump pillow area.

CLOTHESLINES: Are not permitted. Use of fold out clothes dryers on deck are permitted as an alternative.

REPAIRS: We do not permit oil changes, mechanical repairs, etc. on vehicles to be done on site.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:Discreet and responsible use is allowed on campsites. Use of alcohol in all other areas such as horseshoe pits, playgrounds, roadways, store and recreational hall is contrary to “Provincial Law” and “Holiday Park Policy”. Unfortunately a beer bottle in a “koozie” or wine in a wine glass is still blatantly obvious open alcohol in the eyes of the law, and we must react accordingly. Public display of obvious intoxication will be dealt with as necessary.

QUIET TIME:Shall be observed from 11 pm to 9 am daily. At all times Occupants are expected to consider their neighbour's and management's sensitivities, consistent with our quiet family camping concept. All noise emitting devices must be turned off by 11:00 pm. i.e. radios, ipods, etc.  Constant or Excessive loud noise is not allowed at anytime.  In consideration of your fellow campers, we ask that any work requiring power tools, excessive hammering or banging and/or repetitive noise, be done between the hours of 9:00a.m & 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday

CHILDREN:Their conduct and safety is the total responsibility of their parents. All children are to be on their campsite by 10:00p.m. and on a campsite by dark; not in the playground, woods and/or common areas.  Children 12 & under should be under adult supervision at all times. CFSA Section 79(3) states “No person having charge of a child less than 16 yrs. of age shall leave the child without making provision for his or her supervision and care that is reasonable in the circumstances.” Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult (over 19) when at the pool. As with the rules outside the property, parents are responsible for ensuring their children under16 years of age wear a helmet when biking in the park.

ENVIRONMENT:The harming, cutting, removal of trees, plants, earth, or park wildlife is not acceptable. Rocks, stones and wood are not to be moved or removed.  We appreciate everyone’s contribution in keeping our park beautiful and free from cigarette butts, candy wrappers, etc.

SECURITY: Gate passes are provided to seasonal Occupants at a cost of a $20.00 deposit. This is refundable on the return ofthe card in good condition. A replacement card fee of $20.00 will be charged should the card become lost or damaged beyond use while in the Occupant's possession. Gate cards are not to be shared with family and friends, doing so will be cause for eviction.

VISITORS:All visitors will be required to register at the office before being admitted into the park. There is a daily & nightly fee for visitors; there is a seasonal pass available for extended family members or friends, which allows a maximum of 2 adults and their immediate, dependent children still living at home. (Proof of address and Student I.D. if over 19 may be required). Only one family may be signed in at a time using the seasonal pass. They are allowed to stay overnight only if suitably accommodated in Occupant's trailer, while the occupant is on site. Day visitors must leave by 11 PM. Occupants are responsible for the conduct and actions of their visitors.  Visitors caught using a site in the absence of the registered occupants will be charged the daily transient rate by Holiday Park for the use of the site and services.  Any occupant found sub-letting their site to third parties will have their “Licence to Occupy” terminated.

THE OCCUPIERof a site shall exercise such care as is reasonable in the maintenance of the site during his occupancy to see that persons entering onto the site and property brought on the site by those persons are reasonably safe while on the site and shall save Holiday Park harmless from any claims as a result of the failure of the OCCUPANT to do so.

BOAT STORAGE/PARKING: The occupant is responsible for the total maintenance (grass cutting) under & around boat storage/parking area.  A charge will apply if the park maintains this area.

A WAIVERof any one or more of the terms or conditions herein contained must be obtained in writing and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any of the other terms and conditions of this License, other than those specifically waived. In no event shall any waiver be deemed to be a continuing waiver.

IT ISagreed and understood between the occupant and Holiday Park, that the “TRESPASS TO PROPERTY ACT” governs the relationship between the parties.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment free from violence, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation, abusive language or disruptive behavior of any type for all campers, visitors and employees. We do not condone and will not tolerate any such actions; Individuals who violate this Policy are subject to disciplinary and/or corrective action.