Come relax in our quiet resort atmosphere where you can enjoy all the comforts of home and the simplistic beauty of the great outdoors. You can stay for a night, a week, or enjoy seasonal living.

Make your reservation today and enjoy being on Holiday everyday!  

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Seasonal Lot Fees* from $2450.00 to $3110.00   + tax

Winter Storage Fee* (2019/2020) $180.00  and is due by October 1st each year.

Hydro Deposit  required is $200 and is due when unit brought into the park.

Hydro is metered and billed* twice a season

Reading fee* is $15 each read

Property Taxes* are charged if RV units have an addition or if unit is wider than 8.5 feet.  Local municipality determines value of unit (MPAC Fee's)

Holiday Park is a gated community. There is a $20.00 deposit required per gate card, with only 2 allowed per site.

To secure a Seasonal Site for the following season, a $300 deposit is required by October 1st and balance is due by May 1st.

Seasonal Sites can qualify for a 2.5% discount IF; The Deposit is paid by October 1st and the remaining balance is paid by March 1st, and only paid by DEBIT-CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER.This does not apply if either are paid by Credit Card. 


Seasonal sites currently available for 2020 are: Prices do not include Taxes.

SITE# Season Fee Trailer length
11 $2,680.00 40
15 $2,680.00 30
18 $2,575.00 40
38 $2,575.00 30'
59 $2,575.00 32
120 $2,575.00 30
172 $2,575.00 45

Parking* – Summer Outside:  Boat/ Vehicle/Utility Trailer


Parking* – Winter Outside:  Boat/ Vehicle/Utility Trailer  


Parking* – Summer front parking area (waiting list)


Additional Fees (if applicable):

*All above fees subject to HST