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 "Enjoy the summer outdoors just the way you were meant to." 


Whether you would like to rough it on one of our non service tenting site, perfer to have the water & electric for the added convenience, or just want to get away in all the comforts of your own trailer or one of our 4 cottages, Cedardale is the place to be. You choices do not end with your site type and length of stay. Do you want a quiet, more secluded area with more mature campers or to be in the "thick of things"? The Family and Meadows areas allows you to customize your stay. 

People have been enjoying Cedardale for over 30 years. Our park caters to families with activities, eventsplay areas, pool and a shallow beach perfect for small children allowing them a large area for lots of fun in the sun before the water gets too deep. Our facilitiesare such that you may not want or need to leave the campground during your stay but this area has so much to offer.....

There are numerous attractions, local and regional, from 5 to 60 minutes away by foot, bike or car.  The mixture of culture, social and rural environment of the Quinte West, Brighton and surrounding areas allows to pick your destinations that best suits your mood. "The Possibilities are endless." Short journeys or day trips, just depends on how adventureous you want to be.


The Family Park Of Cedardale

The family park is the busier section having most of our over night campsites. This is where you will our playground, beach,       pool       and the majority of park facitlities, for easy access for seasonal and traveller alike. Most of Cedardale activities occur in this section of the park and everything is within a short walking distance for small children. Everyone is welcome to join in the park events and activities. Come and have some fun or just enjoy watching the entertainment, meet new people, and most importantly, LAUGH. We want everyone to have fun whether you like to dance, play sports, cards, bingo and more.  See our       Events and Activities       for what to do when you are here.


The Meadows Of Cedardale

The peaceful Meadows of Cedardale, provide a quiet lifestyle for the discerning camper. Separated from the main resort by a tree lined pond.  Campers in the Meadows have all the benefits of the main resort but have the exclusivity of a specialized setting.`

The Meadows is designed to appeal to travelers or seasonal campers interested in a peaceful specialized camping environment with its unique dedicated mix of travel and park model trailers. 



Once you have been to Cedardale you will want to come back for the atmosphere, the events and the company.

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