There's never a dull moment at Camper's City. With a full calendar of weekly activities (plus special events), we'll keep you entertained for hours yet!


COFFEE & MUFFIN CLUB @ THE HALL: Sunday mornings @ 8am - 10am

SOCIAL CLUB BRIEFING FOR ALL RESIDENTS: Saturday September 29th, 2018 @ The Hall 430pm - 5pm

POTLUCK DINNER: Saturday September 29 2018 @ The Hall from 5pm - 7pm

LIVE BAND/DANCE: Saturday September 29th, 2018 @ The Hall from 9pm - 12 midnight

POOL:  Closes for the season, September 16th 

EAST COAST ART PARTY: Thursday, September 20th @ the Hall 6:30 pm


 Please Note:  There is No Smoking in common areas or at the entrance of a common areas.  For the health and consideration of others,  we would appreciate a SCENT FREE environment in our Store, Hall, and Office. 






Events and Activities

There are no upcoming activities in February.